Hospitality Security

Our security solutions can keep your hospitality business safe from both internal and external threats—while safeguarding your company’s assets, and your visitor’s valuables, from fire, burglary, and more. You count on our knowledge of the hospitality industry when it comes to protecting your world.

Hospitality Security

Our security solutions can keep your hospitality business safe, from both internal and external threats—protect your company assets, and your visitor’s valuables, from fire, burglary and more.

Our RFID access systems are aimed at hotels and provide a stylish and effective electronic alternative to conventional room keys.


  • Mobile phone compatible
  • No need for front desk interaction
  • Reduced queues



  • Hotel management and room-key systems
  • Electronic in-room safes
  • Energy management and control systems
  • Video surveillance and verification
  • Event-based video capture
  • Customised access control
  • On-premises or off-site (cloud) technology solutions
  • Web and mobile enabled
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