Tracking Systems

Our chosen asset protection systems, allow you to keep track of private or company vehicles, individuals, and assets such as boats at all times.

Tracking Systems

Our chosen asset protection systems, allow you to keep track of staff, individuals, and assets at all times.

Sat Trak GPS Tracking Systems

Sat Trak GPS systems are designed to give you total control, and allow you to track the things that matter the most to you. Whether you need a tracking system for your business interests, or your personal interests, you can trust this technology when it comes to protecting your world.

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Personal Lokator

Whether you require a tracking system for commercial or personal use—the Personal Lokator can keep track everything from parcels and packages, to staff members, children, and elderly people. The choice is yours.

How you could use Personal Lokator:

  • Keep track of individuals who require care or supervision like children or elderly people
  • Track patrolling officers around your residential property or workplace
  • Keep track of the staff who work at your business or residential property
  • Track the parcels and packages that arrive at your workplace or residential property
  • The system is easy to use thanks to its user-friendly computer program
  • The system has an SOS emergency button which connects to a 24/7 emergency response centre, and additional buttons can be pre-programmed to work with cell phone calls or messages

Vehicle Lokator

If you run a business that transports people or goods, we fully understand how important your fleet of vehicles are to the success of your trade. If these vehicles where to be stolen or damaged, it could have a significant impact on your business. Sat Trak’s Vehicle Lokator system gives you 24 hour assurance that your fleet of vehicles is safe, while updating you with detailed information about specific vehicles, with real-time tracking technology.

How you could use Vehicle Lokator:

  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Instant alerts about speeding vehicles
  • Instant alerts if an engine is enabled/ disabled (SMS and Email)
  • Instant alerts if a vehicle goes outside of its permitted operating zone
  • 90-day history reports on vehicles

SAT Trak

GPS tracking is an ideal theft prevention solution for private boats. SAT Trak’s advanced satellite navigation technology can trace your craft anywhere in the world.

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