What you don’t know about security that could cost you your safety and property!

An intruder or burglar alarm system is universally acknowledged as a good measure to protect your assets and loved ones.

But what most people don’t know is that – it’s vitally important that the alarm is monitored by a reputable provider – rather than just making a noise.

If not – then you are putting yourself at risk.

What is alarm monitoring?

Alarm monitoring is a vital service that notifies your important selected people in a sequential way – such as property owners, security staff and law enforcement.

Without monitoring – all you have is a system that, once activated, will just make a loud noise.

And for a determined criminal, a noise is not always enough to stop them from endangering your family, staff or property – particularly if your property is remote or not easily visible.

What is the best way to protect your family, staff and property?

Without any doubt it’s important to have an operating, monitored alarm installed in your home or business.

The reason is that once the alarm is activated – the signal will immediately be sent to a monitoring station. Once the signal is received – the operator will immediately begin notifying the contacts listed on the key holder form. This keyholder form is a list of people or organisations that you elect to contact.

When you sign up for a monitoring contract, you should be given a service contract – and most importantly a keyholder form – where you select who gets contacted, sequentially (in order – if one doesn’t answer then the next contact is called) in an event of an activation. For example, you may select the property owner, a local security company, close neighbours, the Police etc.

Apart from an intruder alarm what else can secure your property?

Other useful considerations for your security is a CCTV system, good locks and window hardware – and potentially a regular security patrol.

It’s also recommended that the company that installs and monitors your alarm, has a reliable security patrol service – so in the event that you need trained security professionals to attend – they are on hand and ready to be deployed.  If they have a big enough team to be undertaking regular patrols – then it’s likely they will have a patrol that is in the area and close so they can attend quickly – they should be able to guarantee within 20 minutes.

In Cayman we know that the Police don’t always have the resources to attend your property in the event of an activation quickly enough to deter a criminal – and the criminals know this.

It’s usually quite some time before police can attend – if they attend at all.

Therefore, it’s advisable you engage a security company that has a substantial and well-trained security guarding and patrol service.

Are all monitoring services the same in Cayman?

There are vast differences in what monitoring services are available in Cayman. It’s really important to choose your provider wisely. You need to ensure that your property is monitored by a highly professional provider – that has a large team (hundreds of operators rather than a few) ready to respond to activations, they have reliable redundancies in their energy, IT and communications systems – and most importantly they should be separate from the company that installed your system to ensure complete independence.

It’s also highly recommended that your provider has facilities off island – in the event of a hurricane you simply can’t rely on a small team based locally to protect your property from looting and intrusion. Chances are their operators will be on the road protecting their own properties – not yours.

But they won’t tell you that!

What should you look for in a monitoring service provider and what questions should you ask?

It’s vitally important for your security that your monitoring provider has the following as basic requirements – so when you are reviewing who monitors your alarm ask the following questions:

  1. Do you have more than 20 (a bare minimum) operators ready to respond to alarm activations?
  2. Do you have more than one facility or monitoring station in case of power outages, hurricanes, IT or communication system failures?
  3. When were the monitoring, IT and communications systems last upgraded?
  4. What are the redundancies in the monitoring system?
  5. What redundancies and back power systems do they have?
  6. What network security do they have?
  7. What redundancies does the provider have in their computer network?
  8. Is there monitoring service separate and independent from the company that installed your alarm?
  9. Do they have a security guarding team that exceeds 50 security professionals to attend your property in an emergency?
  10. Do they provide 24/7 security patrols and guarantee a 20-minute response to attend the scene?
  11. Is the company providing key holding services?

If you don’t have confidence in the responses you receive to any of these questions – then you are being offered an inferior monitoring service – and it will provide insufficient security to you, your family, your property and your assets. 


We all value our security. There are many things we can do to protect ourselves. Firstly, you need good advice – so it’s worth engaging a security company that has been around for a while, has a good reputation and has a range of services to support you in the event of an emergency.

They say when all you have is a hammer – every problem looks like a nail.

Can you give me an example of a recommended monitoring provider?

Certainly, The Security Centre recommends service provider such as Rapid Response. The Company has been in business since 1992.

They have demonstrated a track record and commitment to having the most qualified, extensively trained personnel and the most advanced technologies available with the singular purpose of providing their customers with the very best monitoring services.

Their mission is to protect lives and property and to ensure the safety and welfare of employees and families nationwide and internationally. No other monitoring provider in the industry has invested more resources in pursuit of this mission.

Today, Rapid Response is experiencing record-breaking growth while consistently exceeding the most stringent industry standards. Rapid Response is extensively licensed.

Their headquarters facility is 75,000 square feet and is the most advanced monitoring center in the industry.  They also have a second full-load facility – which is 35,000 square feet, providing further redundancy and an advanced platform for their continued growth. Their enhanced monitoring centers are custom designed, maintained to exceed all industry standards and provide the ideal work environment for their employees to serve you and your customers. Their facilities and on-site training centers have been externally recognised and validated as the most professional and functional in the industry.



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