Technology has come a long way and many areas of our lives are automated by this so why not use that technology for saving your life?

Everyone knows the importance of smoke detectors, but not very many understand the vital differences between a professionally monitored smoke detector and a self-monitored detector.

As a leading provider of Security Services in the Cayman Islands we wanted to assist our customers in understanding the many benefits of having your smoke detectors monitored by a professional 24/7 monitoring station.

Mains powered smoke detectors are required for new buildings to pass inspection and receive Certificate of Occupancy, therefore we do not recommend removing these but adding wireless monitored smoke detectors instead.

At the Security Centre we also advise on adding Carbon Monoxide (Co2) detectors to areas of your property where appliances are powered or utilize gas or propane. Heat detectors are a better option for kitchen areas to avoid false alarms when cooking.

What are the benefits of professionally monitored smoke detectors?

With a professionally monitored system your alarms are connected to a dedicated monitoring station with highly trained staff members who understand response protocols and will assess the situation and send out the appropriate authorities as and when required. A monitored system will send you notifications when an alarm is triggered, and you will receive a call from the monitoring station to assess the situation.

If you are off Island or incapable of responding for any reason, monitored systems ensure your home, your children and pets receive the help they need in these emergencies. The monitoring station will promptly dispatch emergency services if you do not answer your phone.

Another benefit of having professionally monitored smoke detectors is the yearly maintenance that will be carried out to ensure your system is running efficiently without any issues, you will receive a reminder on the maintenance due and a technician will be scheduled to attend at a time that best suits you. If you are alerted about any operational issue, then this can be resolved quickly by a professional to make certain that everything is working to satisfaction.

What if you choose to go with the self-monitored detectors?

In comparison to the professionally monitored detectors, having self-monitored smoke detector is only useful if there is someone around who can hear it go off – if there isn’t anyone who can hear and respond to the alarm to call emergency services, the end result can be tragic.

Self-monitored smoke detectors rely on you to respond if any situation arises, whether you are home or not. When the alarm is triggered, whether it sounds or sends you a notification you are responsible for responding and actioning on this. The alarm may not even send a notification if you do not have this feature so you may remain unaware of the situation.

If your smoke detector incurs any issues, whether that be low battery or system faults and this goes unnoticed, your system will not operate properly and may not alert of any emergency at all.

Why choose The Security Centre Limited?

Our smoke detectors are incorporated into our intruder alarm systems which allow our 24/7 monitoring station to monitor every aspect of your home whether that be from burglary or a fire emergency. With our technology you are able to better protect you, your loves ones and your assets at a very affordable price.

Our many areas of expertise all stem from a simple focus, to keep you, your family, and your business, as safe as possible.

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